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07:55... 11/30/21 Real Flight Online tomorrow night- Wednesday (7 signed up to fly so far)...***New flying dates added to members page...*** New Classified added to Buy-Sell and Trade....*** ***December newsleter will be coming out in the next couple of days outlining the Christmas functions....***Want to learn to fly? FREE Flight School..... If you are just learning and don't know what plane to purchase, use our aircraft and learn to fly. A flight instructor will be by your side to help and guide you to becoming a pilot! * Join our club... Membership Fees: $50.00 per year. * New Paid Members get a FREE hat and Membership card. Go to the CONTACT PAGE. ***$10.00 landing fee for ALL Guests at Osoyoos Airport... $10.00 fee will go towards your membership should you join. * Check here for more news and updates daily........

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     The Osoyoos Model Aviation Club Radio Control offers a variety of unique flying fields in the area.  All are compliant with the rules and standards set forth by the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC).  We welcome all types of pilots, aircraft, helicopters and gliders.  Please make sure you have your current MAAC membership card with you if you plan on flying. AMA  reciprocal agreements is no longer  recognized by Transport Canada. The club offers instructions in various areas of aviation, model building and help from some master builders with years of experience, a new pilot training program (wings) and more.  Daily updates and meetings are posted on this webpage.

Best flying days for the groups of more people:  ** Osoyoos:  Saturdays     ** Okanagan  Falls: Wednesday Evenings

    1.  The Osoyoos site: Osoyoos Airport Google Map (Click Here)   offers an asphalt runway approximately 2477 feet in length (755m) -Runways are 12 and 30, and are 75 feet in width.  This site is great for all aircraft and very jet friendly.  Radio: Osoyoos traffic is 123.2 if you have a scanner. It is a very good idea to have a spotter when flying. We share this site with real aircraft and sometimes pilots do not always read the NOTAM's.  Check our website daily to make sure there is a Notice to Airman (NOTAM) assigned for the dates you plan on flying.  There are no set up or start tables available but, using the back of your vehicle or bringing your own table is ok. There is a windsock and it is recommended you bring your own fire extinguisher and first aide kit if the safety officer for the club is not available.

    2.  Okanagan Falls Site: Keogan Sports Park Google Map (Click Here)  offers a beautiful very large grass field.  Located at the south end at 1525 Cedar Street, this flat 10 acre park is ideal for a variety of aircraft, and especially glider friendly.  This park is fenced on three sides, with no overhead power lines, a large parking lot, no start up tables but, there is an outhouse.  Electric aircraft only. With Peach Cliff in the background, the vistas are big and beautiful.

Note:  All of these sites are sanctioned by MAAC.  Please bring your current MAAC or AMA membership card, and all safety gear with you.  Pilots from other clubs are welcome.

    For more information about the club, becoming a member or just coming to fly with us, please visit our "Contact us" page.

Osoyoos Airport (CBB9)


Airport: CBB9- Osoyoos Coordinates: N49°2.23' / W119°29.33'    Google Map to Airport (Click Here)

Keogan Sports Field, Okanagan Falls

1525 Cedar Street, Okanagan Falls, B.C.  Coordinates: 49.3364° N, 119.5743° W    Google Map to Sports (Click Here)

Attention Visitors to Canada

***IMPORTANT:  Effective immediately.....MAAC NOTAM #2021-04 Anyone flying in Canada must have a current MAAC Membership.  The AMA reciprocal agreement for US visiting pilots is no longer valid with Transport Canada.  US and other foreign pilots must be affiliated with a MAAC club and a member of MAAC to fly in Canada.

We are the first club over the boarder and in a board town.  We offer a special memberships for thee months for visitors or the regular twelve month full membership.  We also have certified instructors to get your paperwork completed for MAAC ( MSD-25) / Transport Canada. Check flights are also available seven days a week by appointment for your convenience.  We make it fast easy for you.  Just go to the contact page to get started.

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